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In our continuing effort to serve our clients regionally and locally, we just opened our UK office to serve our clients in The UK and Europe.

47 Linkfield Road Isleworth, TW7 6QP London, UK

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What Our Clients Say

We pride ourselves in our clients around the world. Providing them with excellent service is our goal.


Our Services

We cover all aspects of media production and broadcast. Our vast experience and expanse of relations allow us to provide top quality services.

Launching a satellite TV station is a vast project. It requires in depth technical and administrative experience in several interconnected fields. The process is detailed, and goes through many stages before, during, and after the launch.

At Anrim Media Services, we carry the burden off the client's back and deliver a turnkey project. We listen to your requirements and goals, and start working on them promptly and efficiently. Easy as Play.

Anrim Media Services offers comprehensive media production and broadcasting company. We offer channel branding, setup, launching and operating, as well as all audio/video production solutions. We also provide bandwidth on all satellites.

In addition, we also hire administrative and technical staff and crew, and offer hands on training on and off camera. Our focus is on satellite TV, but we also offer YouTube setup and management solutions.


Legal entity, branding, satellite frequency reservation, studios, staff, etc. In this phase we start the production nd content procurement to prepare for the launch.


Start the Soft Launch to prepare for the official launch of the channel. The content is broadcast according to schedule and in coordination with playout and uplink services.


Now the channel is on-air, we start the process of regular production, in parallel with marketing and sales efforts. Managing the channel is a 24 hour a day job that only experts can do properly.

Broadcast Satellites

We offer bandwidth on any of the following satellites. Each satellite provider is linked via unique playout and uplink services.


Contact Center

Contact us for all your media and broadcast needs. We offer comprehensive Audio/Video Solutions. From Infographics to Satellite TV Stations..

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